Change of meeting venue for October

The parish council’s October meeting on Tuesday, 22nd will be held at Emmanuel Church Hall.

2018-19 Audit now concluded

you can view the conclusion of audit documents here:  Conclusion of 2018-19 Audit

St. Albans Parish Council welcomes its newly co-opted councillors

Following an uncontested election St. Albans Parish Council has  co-opted new councillors. This means the Council is now back to full strength.

There are nine councillors:

Cllr Jason King (chair)

Cllr John Clark (vice chair)

Cllr Mark Clipsham

Cllr Keith Eddyshaw

Cllr Rachael Ellis

Cllr Des Gibbons

Cllr Francesco Lari

Cllr Sarita-Marie Rehman-Wall

Cllr Mark Riddle

Annual Governance and Accountability Return

The period for the exercise of elector’s rights will commence Monday, 3 June 2019 and end on Friday 12 July 2019. Please see the paperwork below for further information:

2019 Electors Rights

Annual Governance and Accountability Return