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St. Albans Parish Council has only been in existence since May 2018.

There are nine seats on the council. Councillors are elected members, however, if vacancies could not be filled at election, as was the case following the 2019 parish council elections, the council may co-opt.

You can find contact information for councillors on the Councillors page of the website. To contact the Clerk, please visit our Contact page.

Chair's Winter Message


On behalf of the St. Albans Parish Council, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful festive period. Another year is ending in our parish; a year that has been difficult for many. In the midst of frustration, illness and loss I hope that we, as a community, can offer compassion, help and solace to those around us who are struggling, both now and in the year to come.

This year we have supported local community groups such as WAG, StARS, the Community Kitchen and the local PTA; enabling events and projects for the local community. A new defibrillator will be installed shortly on Muirfield Park, and there is now an extra grit-bin for Tithe Gardens. In the coming year a memorial Covid bench will be installed near the country park, we will begin consultation into community assets, and will look for ways to help improve lighting and safety in the alleyways behind Emmanuel Church.

Our thanks go to Gedling Borough Council, WAG, StARS, the Warren Academy PTFA, The Community Kitchen, our Neighbourhood Wardens, community litter pickers, and everyone who makes the St Albans Parish a wonderful and caring community.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and prosperous New Year,

Cal Bryant (chair)
St. Albans Parish Council.


Photo Competition

Our monthly photo competition is now live, with prizes to be won for both under and over 16s.

Read about how to enter here

Meeting Schedule

the council has agreed the following meetings for the municipal year:

table of meeting dates, times and venues for the municipal year
Date Time Venue
July 27th (Tues) 19:00 Emmanuel Church Hall
August - No Meeting    
September 28th (Tues) 19:00 Emmanuel Church Hall
October 26th (Tues) 19:00 Emmanuel Church Hall
November 30th (Tues) 19:00 Emmanuel Church Hall
December - No Meeting    
January 25th (Tues) 19:00 Emmanuel Church Hall
February 22nd (Tues) 19:00 Emmanuel Church Hall
March 29th (Tues) 19:00 Emmanuel Church Hall
April 26th (Tues) 19:00 Emmanuel Church Hall
May 10th (Tues) 19:00 Emmanuel Church Hall